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Piramide Dieta Mediterranea

Piramide Dieta Mediterranea


Piramide alimentare italiana

Piramide Alimentare Italiana


Scienza dell'alimentazione

Scienza dell'Alimentazione


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Canale Ciiscam su YouTube



Decalogue for a Sustainable Nutrition in the community


Sandro DerniniEDUCATION

  • 1997 - PhD. in Art Education,  Department of Art and Art Professions, School of Education,  New York University.
  • 1974 - Doctoral Degree in Biological Sciences, University of Cagliari, Italy


  • Temporary Professor, School of Specialization in Food Science and Nutrition, Sapienza University of Rome


  • Member Scientific Committee, CIISCAM – International Interuniversity Studies Centre on Mediterranean Food Cultures, Rome
  • Member International Scientific Committee, Mediterranean Diet Foundation, Barcelona
  • Member International Scientific Committee, Nutricion sin Fronteras, Barcelona
  • Member Technical Committee Mediterranean Diet, Ministry of Agriculture, Rome 
  • Member, Italian Society of Human Nutrition
  • Member International Scientific Committee, ISALTA - International Society for the Advancement of Living Traditions in Art



2007-Present: National Research Institute on Food and Nutrition, Rome

  • Head of the Technical Secretariat of the President

2006-Present: CIISCAM-International Interuniversity Studies Centre on Mediterranean Food Cultures, Rome

  • Coordinator:
    • Design the Centre and coordiantion of its activities;
    • 1° International Conference  “Le Nuove Frontiere nel Mediterraneo per la Sicurezza Alimentare”, University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy, 2007
    • 2° International Conference  “Erosion of the Mediterranean Food Cultural Heritage and Actions for Its Safeguarde”, Piscopio-Vibo Valentia, Italy, 2008
    • 3° International Conference “The Mediterranean Diet as Model of a Sustainable Diet”, Parma , Italy, 2009

2002-Present: Forum on Mediterranean Food Cultures, Rome

  • Coordinator:
    • Design the Forum, coordination of its activities and scientific direction;
    • 3° Forum EuroMediterranean  “Dialogues between Mediterranean People and Civilizations on  Food Cultures”, Rome, 2005 
    • 2° Forum EuroMediterranean “Dialogues between Mediterranean Cultures and Civilizations on  Food Security”, Corigliano Calabro, Italy, 2003
    • 1° Forum EuroMediterraneo:  “Dialogues among Mediterranean Civilizations: Feeding Mind-Fighting Hunger” ,  Lamezia Terme, Italy,  2002

1999-Present: Plexus International Forum Onlus, Cagliari-Rome

  • President
    • Erosions and Renaissance Show Project, Dakar, Ballarat (Australia), Lecce, Roma, New York, Barcellona, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Sassari, 2004-2009
    • Well Being Ark Project,  2005-2009
    • The Triangle of Art Festival Project,   Dakar, 2002-2006

2006-1999: Food Science and Nutrition  Institute, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome

  • Consultant
    • Italian Food Pyramid Guideline
    • Feed Yourself with the Colors of Life Campaign, UNAPROA, 2004-2006
    • The Food Tradition in the Mediterranean Monotheistic Religions, International Conference, Rome, 2005

2002-2000: FAO Food and Nutrition Division, Rome

  • Consultant
    • Network of FAO Centres of Excellence in Food Quality, Safety and Nutrition
    • Italian version “Feeding Mind-Fighting Hunger”campaign

2001-1996: Consortium for the Well Being in the XXI Century, Rome

  • Coordinator  
    • Design the Consortium, coordination of its activities and scientific direction; 
    • 4° International Symposium: “Towards a Food Security for All”, Cagliari, Italy, 1999;
    • 3° International Symposium: “From Welfare to Well Being in the Twenty-First Century”, Carloforte, Italy, 1998; 
    • Special Event “From Welfare to Well Being: Eating Art, Get the Best from Your Food, Food for All”, with FAO Food and Nutrition Division, on the occasion of 1996 World Food Summit, Rome.

1999-93: Interdepartmental Well Being Centre for the Study of Life Quality,  University of Cagliari, Italy.

  • Coordinator
    • Design the Centre, coordination of its activities and scientific direction; 
    • 2° International Symposium “Marconi ‘95 Navigating Global Cultures: Strategies for the Well Being in the XXI Century”, 1995,  Cagliari,  Italy. 
    • Development of the Italian version of the FAO education initiative “Get the Best from Your Food.”

1992-89: The 1992 Christopher Columbus Consortium,  New York

  • Coordinator
    • Design the Consortium, coordination of its activities and scientific direction; 
    • 1° International Symposium “The Well Being in the XXI Century: Columbus Reconciliation Forum”, 1992, Carloforte, Italy.

1982-80: Center for Italian Contemporary Culture of  New York University,  New York

  • Executive Director 
    • Design of the Center and its management; 
    • Development fund-raising program;
    • Development relations with Italian and American institutions.

1979-74: Teaching Assistant and Researcher -  Institute of Biochemistry  of  University “La Sapienza”,   Rome.

  • experimental researches in the field of the quantitative and qualitative separation of sulfur and selenium aminoacids.



Scientific Journals

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  • Dernini S. “ Plexus Black Box . A Multicultural Aesthetic Inquiry on An International Community-Based Art Project.” Casa Editrice Università “La Sapienza”, 2007.
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