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Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

Piramide dieta mediterranea

Considerations concerning the Evolution of MD

  1. Nutrient based vs. food based pyramid levels
  2. Scientific evidence  & Health consequences- changes eg PUFA oils
  3. Pyramids for consumer vs. National Dietary Guidelines
  4. Quality “octane fuel” vs Quantity & meal frequencies (obesogenic)
  5. Geographic variation: Country-specific MD pyramids. 
  6. Cultural diversity – Country Cuisine & specific habits  – eg meat eating daily, Local, Traditional Products
  7. Temporal variation: Seasonality, 
  8. Socio-economic factors ; Food Security,  COST–  for the poor
  9. Diversity – Bio, Cultural & Environmental 
  10. Agricultural policies – cash crops vs food crops. Food Production & Sustainability 
  11. Lifestyle factors - INDEX 
  12. Fast Food, soft  drinks e.g. Hot dog, Hamburger Pizza kebab, French  Fries, Chinese foods
  13. Commercial interests, Food Industry – Brand name
  14. Applicability : “for the majority of Mediterranean peoples”
  15. NO PATENT or COPYRIGHT by any organization!




Mediterranean Diet Pyramid